Company Name

RS Fish rybářské potřeby s.r.o.

Company Adress

Hlavní třída 438/73

Havířov – Město

736 01


286 31 366


Date of creation

May 2018

Responsible person

Radim Snopek




Date of change





(hereinafter „Principles“)


This document contains general information on treatment of personal information and data in our company. In this text you will mostly learn:


What kind of data we process,

-        For what purposes and how do we process personal information,

-       To whom can your personal data be passed on,

-       For how long do we process your personal information,

-       What kind of rights do you as a provider of your data have in regards to personal data protection.


In case you need a counsel to any part of this text or if you need to further discuss further processing of your personal data, you can contact us anytime on our e-mail adress: , personaly in our shop at adress Hlavní třída 438/73, 736 01 Havířov – Město or on phone number +420 604 994 440.




1.1 These principles were processed in compliance with directive of European Parliament and European Comission 2016/679 on 27th April 2016 about protection of individuals in regards to processing of personal data and free movement of this data and the annulment of directive 95/46/ES (further on only as GDPR Directive)

1.2 The goal of these principles is to provide owners of personal data basic information about processing of their personal data they provide.

1.3 For purposes of these principles is understood the following:

1.3.1 The curator of your data, the company RS Fish rybářské potřeby s.r.o., based at Hlavní třída 438/73, 736 01 Havířov – Město, IČ: 286 31 366, registered in the commercial register administered by regional court in city of Ostrava under the marker C 35685, represented by Mr. Radim Snopek, the managing director of the company, contact / +420 604 994 440 (further on only as „Curator“),

1.3.2 The owner of the data is You ,an individual whose information is being processed (further on only as „Subject of data“)

1.3.3 Personal information of your First name, Surname, adress, e-mail, telephone or cellphone number, business identification number and tax identification number of a business entity (further on only as „Personal Data“).

1.4 The curator of personal data informs you this way about the manner and range of processing of your personal data,  including the processing if your rights in regards to processing of your personal data.

1.5 The curator is a seller of fishing equipment and for that purpose operates an internet shop The curator processes personal data within this activity.

1.5.1 The extend to which the data provided related to the order of products and/or services of the Curator, respectively within the boundaries of negotiations of a conclusion of the contract as well as in relation with the closed contract and,

1.5.2 for purposes stated in article 3 of these Principles.

1.6 Your personal data are processed by other subjects, see acticle no.5 for more information.




2.1 The entities are subject of law no. 101/2000 Sb., regarding protection of personal data, in wording of other transcripts and associated transcripts.

2.2 The subject takes note of the fact that by sending filled out registration or order form the processing of personal data begins from that moment onwards..

2.3 If the subject does not provide his personal data it is not possible to enter into a contract with the Curator and provide the services resulting therefrom. Personal data are in this case necessary to provide specific services or product by the Curator.

2.4 Providing personal information to the Curator is a contractual and legal agrement. In regards to providing personal data for marketing purposes, which does not constitute the fulfillment of the contractual and legal obligations of the Curator, a consent is required from the subject.. If you do not permit the Curator to process your personal data for marketing purposes, it does not mean that the Curator will refuse to provide his services.

2.5 The subject is obliged to provide only true and accurate personal data.

2.6 The Curator will expend all his resources to protect your personal data and avoid unauthorized processing of your data.

2.7 Personal information are and will be processed in electronic form via automated process.

2.8 The subject takes note of the fact that his personal data are stored in datacenters owned by company Redenge solutions s.r.o.




3.1 The Curator processes personal data for these purposes:

Purpose of data processing

Legal title of Processing of Personal Data

Completed purchase agreement

necessity to meet the purchase contract

Registration to our customer database

consent to the processing of personal data

Subscribtion to marketing and business announcements

consent to the processing of personal data

Internal registry of customers

consent to the processing of personal data

3.2 You can discontinue the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes at any time you like and it wont influence any mutual relationships that you have with the company. All that is required is to either send a letter to our residence adress, write us an email at with the relevant request at hand or call us on our phone number +420 604 994 440.




4.1 Personal data will be processed for the duration of negotiations on a conclusion of a contract between the Curator and the subject of personal data, for the purposes of concluding the contract, for the duration of a contractual relationship or for the duration speficied in the agreement.

4.2 In case of a contract closure acording to Terms and Conditions, the Curator is obliged to process your personal data for the duration of 36 months for the purpose of protection of the Curators legitimate interests in case of dispute between the Subject and the Curator.

4.3 For the purposes of legal obligation of archiving an accounting documents on a basis of law no. 563/1991 Sb. on accounting, your personal data will be further processed (with the exception of e-mail adress and phone number) and archived for the duration of aditional 5 years after the year in which the contract was closed in.

4.4 After the expiration of all deadlines stated in the article the Curator will safely dispose of any personal data




5.1 Your personal information is being processed by the Curator.

5.2 Your personal information can be for the purposses of processing passed on other processors to carry out the processing. These include:

Processor of personal data

Description of processor and the processing that is being done for the Curator

Providers of postal services and shipping companies

Czech Post, s.p., PPL

Providers of specific IT services

Webmaster, IT Administrator

External Accountant


5.3   Your personal data are passed on following recipients of Personal Data:

Categories of recipients of personal data

Description of the category

State authorities

courts, Public prosecutor, Police of CR

Government offices

Czech Trade Inspection, Tax Office




6.1 We inform you that We have no intention to pass on your personal information to third countries (meaning countries outside the boundaries of EU) or to an international company.




7.1 The Curator works with the data in order to guarantee correct and safe form or processing. Your rights for the Subject of data are guaranteed and you can apply them at any time.

7.2 You can apply your right by sending and e-mail to e-mail adress, verbaly by calling on phone number +420 604 994 440. Additional option is sending a written letter to adress: Hlavní třída 73/438, 736 01 Havířov - Město, Czech Republic.

7.3 Statement and other information about measures that have been taken will be available as soon as possible with a deadline of one month from sending the request by the subject. This deadline may be lengthened by aditional two months with respect to number of requests sent and complexity of the matter.  The Curator will inform the subject about the extension and reasons that led to it.

7.4 Application of your rights are provided by the curator free of charge.

7.5 An adequate fee that takes into account the administrative expenditures that are asociated with providing required information may be charged in case of the request being unreasonable or disproportionate, especialy for its repetition.

7.6 In a case in which the subject presumes that the curator performs the processing in a way that contradicts the protection of subjects personal life or if it is in violation of applicable laws, the subject can:

7.6.1 Request an explanation from the curator on e-mail adress,

7.6.2 File an objection against the processing and request by an e-mail sent to  the adress and the curator will ensure the removal of this condition (for example by blocation, adjusting the information or disposal of any personal data) The Curator will decide and inform the subject immediately. In a case in which the curator does not comply with the objection, the subject has a right to contact the Office of Personal Data Protection. This establishment does not affect the right of the subject to contact the Office of Personal Data Protection directly.

7.7 Right to access:

7.7.1 Subject of data has a right to get an affirmation from the curator that personal data which are in his interest are or are not being processed. If they are being processed, the subject has a right to gain access to these data and informations (which are part of these principles about personal data protection and information ledger): Purpose of processing, Categories of processed personal data, Recipients or categories of recipients that could or can have access to the data, especialy recipients in third countries or international organizations. Pre-planned period of how long the data will be archived or if it cannot be defined, the criterias used for planning the period length., Existence of a right to demand a repair or deletion of the data which are in subjects interest, or limiting its processing, alternatively object against this processing. Right to file a complaint to the supervisory Authority, which in Czech Republic is The Office of Personal Data Protection. All available information about the source of Personal Data, if they are not aquired from the subject, The reality that automated decision making is taking place, including profiling, and that at least in these cases are related to meaningful information about used approach, meaning and expected consequenses of this processing for the subject.

7.7.2 If the data are passed on to the third countries or international organization, the subject has a right to be informed about suitable assurances that are related to the handover.

7.7.3. The subject has a right to demand a copy of the processed data from the curator. The curator can charge administrative fees for aditional copies of data processing. If the data are requested in electronic form, they will be provided by in the electronic form again, as it is the most commonly used and on the condition that the subject does not request a different form of communication. The right to obtain a copy must not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others

7.8 Right to repair:

7.8.1 The subject can demand an immediate repair of his personal data from the curator. Taking the purposes of the processing into consideration, the subject has a right to fill in incomplete personal data, counting in any aditional declarations aswell.

7.9 Right of deletion:

7.9.1 The subject has a right to demand a complete deletion of his personal data from the curator and the curator has an obligation to delete all data of the subject without any further delay, if the request meets any of the points bellow: The data are not further needed for the purposes they were collected or processed in any other way. The subject revokes his consent and there does not exist any lawful reason why to process data further, The subject of data files out a complaint against the processing, which is being carried out on the basis of public interests and the excersise of official authority or legitimate interests of the curator, including profiling and no other reasons for the processing exist, Subject files a compaint against the processing for purposes of direct marketing, The data were processed unlawfuly, The data must be deleted in order to fulfil the lawful duty set in the law of the Union or of the member state that are related to the curator, Personal information that were collected related to offering services of an information company to a child. After passing of the deadline set for the processing of the data, the curator deletes the data automaticaly. The subject can request the deletion from the curator at any time. After receiving such a request, the curator will assess the justification of the right of the subject (The curator can have obligations towards the law or legitimate interest for the processing on which basis he can further process the data) and will inform the subject about the outcome.

7.10 Right to restrict the processing:

7.10.1 The subject has a right to demand a restriction of processing of his personal data by the curator, if any of the points down bellow is met: The subject denies the authenticity of the data for the duration of the period that is required for the curator to check the autenticity of said data, The processing is unlawful and the subject requests a restriction instead complete deletion of the data, The curator has no further need for the data, however the subject needs them for exercise of justice or defense of his legal claims, Subject fills out an objection against the processing, which is being carried out on the basis of the public interest or the excercise of public authority or legitimate interests of the curator, including the profiling untill the legitimate reasons of the curator outbalance those of the subject.

7.10.2 If the processing has been restricted, these data can be used only with the consent of the subject or can be used in legal matters, for reasons of protection of another individual or legal entity or for other reasons of public good of the Union of the memeber state.

7.10.3 Should the restriction of processing of data be canceled in any way, the curator will inform the subject in advance.

7.11 The right to portability:

7.11.1 Subject of data has a right to receive personal data that are related to him and that were provided to the curator in a structured, commonly used format and to pass on that information to a different curator without any obstruction from the curator in the case that: The processing is based on a consent or a contract while The processing is being automated.

7.11.2 During the excersise of this right the subject can demand from the curator to pass on the data to another curator, if it is technicaly possible.

7.11.3 This right cannot be excersised in case of being in a direct violation with the public interests or the excercise of public authority with which the curator can  be charged to uphold.

7.12 Right to object:

7.12.1 The subject has a right to fill out an objection against the processing of his personal data, that are being processed on the basis of public interests, the excercise of public authority or the legitimate interests of the curator, including profiling. The curator wont process the data anymore, unless the legitimate reasons outbalancing ones of the subject and defense of legal claims.

7.12.2 If the personal data are being processed for the purposes of direct marketing, the subject has a right to file out a complaint at any given time against the usage of his data for this marketing, which includes profiling if it is aplicable in this form of marketing.

7.12.3 If the data are being processed for the purposes of a scientific or historical study, the subject has a right fill out a complaint against the processing of his personal data.jeho This is not the case if the study is nessecary to carry out a task carried out for the reasons of public interests.

7.12.4 Acording to the GDPR Directive , this right has been specificaly mentioned and is clearly and distinctly separated from any other information.

7.13 Right to not be a subject of automated decisionmaking:

7.13.1 The subject has a right to not be a subject of processing of any decision exclusively based on automatized processing, including profiling, which could have legal effects or affects the subject in any similar way.

7.13.2 This right can be excersised if: It is necessary to close out a contract, Its is allowed by the Union or a member state that affect the curator and it will also lay down appropriate measures securing the rights and legitimate interests of the subject, It is based on explicit consent from the subject.

7.13.3 If the processing is based on a contract or explicit consent, the curator will take appropriate action to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate reasons of the subject, at least the right to human intervention from the side of the curator, the right to express an opinion, the right to obtain an explanation of the decision made and the right to challenge a decision.

7.14 Right to revoke consent:

7.14.1 The subject has a right to revoke his consent to process his personal data at any time. Revoking can be done by:

-     Sending the repeal to the residence adress of the curator: Hlavní třída 438/73, 736 01 Havířov – Město;

-     Sending the repeal to the email adress of the curator:;

-     By the telephone on number +420 604 994 440 .

7.15 Right to complain at the supervisory authority:

7.15.1 The subject has a right to fill out a complaint at any supervisory authority, especialy in the member state of his residence, place of empoyment or the place where the alleged violation occured, if the subject suspects that with the processing of his data may be in violation with the GDPR Directive.

7.15.2 The supervisory authority in Czech Republic is the Office for Personal Data Protection, which you can contact at the adress: Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, phone number +420 234 665 111 (PBX) or e-mail Additional information can be found at the adress




8.1 The processing does not include profiling.

8.2 The processing includes automated decision making.




9.1 All legal relationships that are created in relation with the processing of personal data are governed by the legal order of Czech Republic, from where the approach was made from notwithstanding. The resolution of possible disputes related to protection of privacy between the subject and the curator falls under Czech court system.

9.2 The subjects that agree to the processing through registration or order form for the purposes of closing out the contract with the curator do so willingly and the curator does not dirrect their decisionmaking in any way

9.3 The wording of the Principles can be changed and completed by the curator.

9.4 These principles are in effect since 25.5.2018