Terms and Conditions

Dear customers, shopping in our internet (electronic) shop at www.fishingfield.eu is very easy and convenient. The internet shop has a similar structure to our stone shop. The main access to products is made up of the left navigation lane, where there are options of displaying products by categories of purpose or manufacturer. You will find subcategories or individual segregated items in each category. Clicking the links will help you get to the required product or you can also use the search engine – with which you can easily find the required product by its name or code. You can also sort and line up the products by category, price or code.

When you find the product you are looking for and you want to order it, click on the „Buy“ button. The product will move into the so called “basket”. Information about your purchase is displayed in the right part of a page header. Before your first purchase, please familiarize yourself with trading and warranty terms and conditions, as well as shopping and complaints regulations. Submitting an order indicates your acceptance of all of these conditions.

We recommend that you log in for each time of your purchasing – to prevent loss of contents of the basket in case of your browser restart. As a logged in user, you can also use other services and information in our internet store. All orders are binding. You can cancel an order by email to info@fishingfield.eu, or by telephone on the phone number +420604994440, but no later than 10 o’clock of the next working day after sending the order. Therefore please check carefully the accuracy of all data provided in the order. After ordering, an order confirmation will be sent to your specified e-mail address immediately. Orders can also be verified by telephone.

I. General Provisions

These terms and conditions shall apply only to the purchase in the internet shop at www.fishingfield.eu. The internet shop is run by RS Fish fishing equipment s.r.o., Hlavní třída 73/438, Havířov-Město, 736 01, ID: 28631366, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional court in Ostrava, file number C 35685. Conditions of the sale further specify the rights and obligations of the seller (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”) and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”). Prices specified in the e-shop are valid only for this e-shop, not for the stone shop.

II. Subject of the Contract

The subject of the contract is only the goods specified in a contract – an order. Product information such as size, weight, outputs, capacity and other data provided in the Operator’s internet shop are data that are based on the data from manufacturers or importers of goods. The Operator agrees to deliver to the Customer upon his order the goods in perfect condition and in accordance with specifications and features usual for the type of goods that meet defined standards, rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic. The Operator further agrees to equip the goods with a properly completed warranty certificate, operating and usage instructions where it is usual for a given product.

III. Place of Fulfillment

The place of fulfillment is the Operator’s fishing equipment shop, where the Operator shall hand over the goods based on the Customer’s order to a transporter – a transportation company, or it is a place of a personal collection of the goods.

IV. Ordering Goods and Conclusion of the Contract

The condition for the fulfillment of an electronic order is to fill all the required data and formalities specified in the order form. The Operator shall confirm receiving the Customer’s order to the Customer, but no later than 24 hours after receiving the order. The contract of sale is concluded through confirmation by the Operator or through the delivery and the takeover of the ordered goods by the Customer. In some cases, especially those that are more expensive, the Operator reserves the right to the conclusion of the contract of sale upon financial prepayment by the Customer. Such an order shall, in most cases, be authorized by an appropriate manner, such as in writing, by telephone or by fax. The order will be considered invalid if the Customer refuses such an authorization. For the case of a personal collection, the internet order is binding (the Customer has to submit proof of electronic ordering) and the contract of sale concludes only upon the handover of the goods in the stone shop. The Operator also reserves the right to cancel the order in the case of an error in setting the price.

V. Price and Payment

The prices referred to in the Operator’s e-shop are valid at the time of ordering. The Operator reserves the right to change prices especially in the case of the pricing error, the course change, or significant changes in supply conditions of the manufacturers and other suppliers of goods. The Operator shall promptly inform the Customer of these facts and agree on the price change with the Customer. In case of a price change, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without undue delay after receiving information about the change. Final prices for the e-shop include VAT. An invoice shall be issued to the Customer on the basis of the conclusion of the contract of sale. The invoice shall also function as a tax receipt, a delivery note and a warranty certificate.

VI. Delivery Period

The delivery period shall begin on the date of receiving a binding order in the e-shop. If the ordered goods are in stock, the Operator dispatches the goods to the Customer within 24 hours after receiving the order. If the Customer chooses to pay by bank transfer to the Operator’s bank account, the delivery period under this Article shall begin on the date of crediting the relevant amount to the Operator’s bank account. If the goods are not in stock, the Operator shall notify the Customer (usually by e-mail or telephone) and shall agree on further action with the Customer. The Customer shall be informed about every change of an order status by e-mail.

VII. Transport Conditions

Options of delivery methods :

1. Czech Post – mini package up to 2 kg – payment by credit card over the Internet using a GP WebPay payment gateway – price according to the choice of the country in € including VAT. ( list is provided in the section Where we deliver ).

2. Czech Post – package up to 30 kg – payment by credit card over the Internet using a GP WebPay payment gateway – price according to the choice of the country in € including VAT. ( list is provided in the section Where we deliver ).

3. Czech Post – mini package up to 2 kg – payment by PayPal – price according to the choice of the country in € including VAT. ( list is provided in the section Where we deliver ).

4. Czech Post – package up to 30 kg – payment by PayPal – price according to the choice of the country in € including VAT. ( list is provided in the section Where we deliver ).

5. Personal collection in the stone shop – only after the previous electronic order. Payment is possible in cash or by credit card.

The delivery period is usually the next working day after the handover of the goods to the transporter. The Operator fulfills his obligation to deliver the goods by their handover to the transporter. The Customer shall take over the goods from the transporter, check the integrity of packaging and number of packages, and confirm the takeover by signing the transporter’s delivery note. In case of any discrepancies (especially packaging damage indicating unauthorized entry to the consignment, damage due to any mistreatment of the goods, mismatched number of packages or other irregularities), the Customer is recommended in his own interest not to take over the consignment. Later complaints about damaged packaging shall not be taken into consideration.

VIII. Warranty Conditions and Service

a) The warranty on the sold goods shall be provided by the Operator in accordance with generally binding legal regulations for a period specified in the warranty certificate. Unless stated otherwise in the e-shop, the warranty period is 24 months for products of all brands. The warranty period begins on the date of the goods takeover by the Customer. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in products or goods. The warranty does not cover defects caused especially by improper or careless handling, use of the product inconsistently with its purpose or operating instructions, mechanical damage and a level of usual wear and tear. The warranty does also not cover defects caused by natural disasters, such as lightning strike or other atmospheric discharge, fire, water and others.

b) The place of filing a complaint is the Operator’s selling point specified in Article I.

c) Goods under complaint must be accompanied by a warranty certificate, a copy of the purchase invoice and a detailed description of the defect. If the defect does not manifest itself continuously, conditions or a situation in which it manifests must be clearly stated. Goods under complaint shall be presented to the complaint complete including all accessories and components that were delivered in the sale of the product. The complaint shall not be accepted without the above mentioned requirements.

d) The Operator agrees to remove the defect in goods that are the subject of a legitimate complaint for free. The complaint will be handled by the Operator without undue delay within the period provided by law, i.e. within 30 days after accepting the consignment, unless both parties agree to a longer period. The Operator may replace the goods or refund the Customer for the product when it is an irremovable defect, or a removable defect in which case only if the Customer cannot properly use the goods for the re-occurrence of the defect after repair or due to a large number of defects in goods.

e) As the Operator sells goods of authorized companies in the e-shop, the Customer may request a paid repair after the end of the warranty period. All costs related to the performance of the repair or service including transport costs shall be paid by the Customer.

IX. Return of the Goods

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after accepting the goods without giving any reason in accordance with § 53 paragraph 7 of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended. If he so decides, the Customer shall send the damaged goods back within the stipulated period with no signs of use or wear with all accessories of the product (the date of dispatch is determining). After receiving the returned goods, the money that was paid to the Operator by the Customer shall be sent to the Customer’s address or transferred to the Customer’s account, no later than 10 working days after the Operator receives the goods. Sending the goods cash on delivery is not possible and all such consignments shall be immediately rejected and returned to the sender.

X. Protection of personal data

RS Fish fishing equipment s.r.o. – the Operator of the e-shop www.fishingfield.eu is aware of the fact that during his activities, he processes information that is considered personal data in accordance with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of personal data. The Operator declares that he is aware of the importance of protecting such data and that he will comply with all legal and ethical rules related to their processing, and considers this to be his important obligation to the Customer. The Operator and his system of the electronic shop dispose of numerous operational functions for the protection of confidential and personal data. In his activities, the Operator shall neither provide nor feed any personal data about his clients to third parties. The Operator shall neither collect nor process sensitive data on registered users. The Customer agrees that his personal data (first name, surname, address, phone, e-mail address, year of birth) will be processed and used for the purpose of sending commercial communications by electronic mail provided by him through the e-mail address in accordance with the Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on the Protection of personal data, as amended. This consent is voluntary provided by the Customer for an indefinite period of time with the fact that it can be revoked by the Customer at any time.

a) Unregistered users

By entering the Operator’s e-shop website, certain information, such as a referring page or your IP address of the country, will be recorded automatically as a part of ongoing operations at our website.

b) Registered users

Whoever registers by filling out a relevant form with registration data becomes a registered user. The registration shall be voluntary and free of charge, and shall imply no Customer’s obligation to the Operator.

c) Newsletter

By requesting a newsletter, the Customer provides the Operator with his e-mail address. The Operator shall use the Customer’s e-mail address solely for the purposes of sending information about his services, offers, special benefits or events.

d) Children

Children (persons under 18 years of age) are not authorized to carry out any electronic purchase unsupervised by persons over 18 years of age and they are therefore kindly requested to neither register nor give their personal data. By registering and creating an account, you guarantee that you are of legal age.

e) Links to other websites

The websites referred to by the Operator’s website may be using different conditions for processing the personal data than the Operator’s website. The Operator assumes no responsibility for conditions on other websites and recommends that you always familiarize yourself with them on the particular page.

XI. Final provisions

These terms and conditions shall apply to the extent and the version that is stated in the Operator’s e-shop on the day of sending the electronic order. By placing an electronic order, the Customer declares that he is familiar with these terms and conditions and agrees to them. By sending an electronic order, the Customer confirms to the Operator that he accepts the price of the ordered goods including any shipping and transportation costs.